What is Wapka Passport?

Wapka passport is a channel which supports a user with multiple sites. It is useful for users to manage their sites.

We improved the security mechanism so that important information will be better to sent to all users via email or other way.

At the same time, we prevent malicious users releasing spam contents more effectively.

It will be more conducive to the development of wapmasters and Wapka.

FAQ of Wapka

1. Wapka Passport basic description

Q: What is Wapka Passport?
Q: Does Passport have any new functionalities?
A: You can create sites in Passport, which is the same as the old system. We will continue to improve functionalities in Wapka.
Q: If I violate Wapka terms by accident, will you notify me in advance?
A: No, we will take appropriate action directly. So please read Wapka Terms of Service, Privacy Polity, Code of Conduct carefully. There are detailed instructions at the bottom of the homepage.
Q: What is your opinion about copyright?
A: We highly respect copyright and do not allow any action to violate copyright. You are welcome to inform us if you find such infringement in Wapka. Relevant copyright issues are described in details in DMCA at the bottom of the homepage.
Q: How can I contact with you?
A: You can find contact information in the homepage.

2. Wapka Passport functionalities

2.1. About binding site to Passport

Q: How to bind my site to Passport?
A: There are two ways to bind your site, as below.
- Login through old login, then you will be guided to bind your site.
   - Login your passport account, there is a bind exist site option in Site List menu.
Q: How to bind multiple sites to Passport at a time?
A: Sorry, it is not supported for now. Please follow the bind process to bind them one by one.
Q: When I bind my site to passport, I have problems on achieving PIN code via email.
A: If there are problem on receiving email with new PIN code, you can choose to display the new PIN code on the main page of your site after 7 days. Then, you can successfully bind your site.
Q: What will happen if I did not bind my site to Passport?
A: If you did not bind your site to Passport within the set time after the first login, you will not be able to manage your site.

2.2. About login security

Q: I do not like the automatic login option, how can I block it?
A: You can disable this option in Login Security.

2.3. About email manager

Q: Can I change my registered email?
A: If you want to change the main email, you can take reserved email as the main email on the premise that all of the emails have been verified.
Q: What is the role of the reserved email?
A: If you lost your main email, you can login with your reserved email. And it is helpful to security of your site.
Q: How to verify email?
A: Email verification is available in user center and email manager.
- In user center, click "verify", which is displayed behind of login email and then verification information will be sent to your email. After that, follow the email content prompt to verify.
- In Email manager, if you have not verified email, in which will be a guide to verify.
Q: If email verification is out of time, how can I verify it?
A: Login Passport again, then follow verification steps to verify.
Q: I have registered an invalid email so I failed to verify it. What can I do?
A: You can select “send to the specified email” option to receive verification information.

2.4. About site list

Q: How many sites can we add and create in one Passport account?
A: For now, 10 sites are allowed to be bound in one Passport. If it does not meet most users' demand, we will consider to allow more sites in one Passport in the future.
Q: Can I remove my site from site list?
A: For security consideration, remove site option is not supported now. We will consider to realize this functionality in future.